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Please note: It is your responsibility to submit materials in a format which generally conforms to the original forms. Any special filing requirements (e.g., paper color and size) are given below. If you are unable to meet the filing requirements using forms taken from this page, please contact the office where the form is filed (see information under specific forms). The appropriate form(s) will be sent to you. (Remember to include a mailing address.)

At this time, we cannot accept forms submitted on-line. This is because they can't be signed when filled out online until they're printed. Forms must be sent or delivered to the appropriate office, as indicated below. The boxes on the forms may be filled out online, but can't be saved to your computer. Please be sure to print them.

The following list contains forms pulled from the Forms Management Division - Department of Local Governement Finance Forms Catalog. These forms are in PDF format and may take a little longer to load. In order to view the forms you must have Adobe Acrobat. If you do not see the form below that you are looking for, please refer to this link.

Appeal Forms

  • Form 130: Assessment Appeal Form (This form needs to be printed and faxed to 435-5723)
  • Form 131: Petition to the Indiana Board of Tax Commissioners
  • Form 132: Petition to the Indiana Board of Tax Review for Review of Exemption

Real Property Forms

  • Sales Disclosure Master: To be printed, not typed
  • Exemptions Disclosure Form: Closing agents must present this form to everyone who is closing a mortgage or refinancing a mortgage for a single-family residence.
  • Combination of Parcels: use this form to lessen the number of parcels and to minimize the number of tax bills you receive. *Subject to approval. Parcels must meet the necessary requirements to quality.
  • Combination of Parcels PDF Form: use this printable form to lessen the number of parcels and to minimize the number of tax bills you receive. Print, fill out, and email to or mail to Room 227 Civic Center, 1 NW Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Evansville, IN 47708-1880.
  • Form 135: Affidavit of Destroyed or Removed Property.
  • Form 55706: Heritage Barn Form.
  • Form 54861: Application for Residence in Inventory Deduction.
  • Form 53812: Application for Model Residence Deduction.
  • Form 18865 Statement for Deduction of Assessed Value (Solar Energy System or Solar, Wind, Geothermal or Hydroelectric).
  • Form 137R Petition for Survey and Reassessment - Real and Personal Property Partially or Totally Destroyed by Disaster

Personal Property Forms

  • Form 103-Long Form: Business Tangible Personal Property Return
  • Form 103-Short Form: Business Tangible Personal Property Return
  • Form 102: Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Return
  • Form 104: Business Tangible Personal Property Return
  • Form 103-l: Return For Interstate Carriers
  • Form 103-N: Information Return of Not Owned Personal Property
  • Form 103-O: Information Return of Owned Personal Property
  • Form 103-P: Claim For Exemption of Air or Water Pollution Control Facilities
  • Form 103-T: Return of Special Tools Form
  • Form 103-SR: Single Return-Business Tangible Personal Property
  • Form 104-SR: Single Return Business Tangible Personal Property
  • Form 106: Schedule of Adjustments to Business Tangible Personal Property Return

Not For Profit Tax Exemption Forms. Homestead and mortgage exemption information can be found here on the County Auditor's site.

Miscellaneous Forms